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Microblading is a method of semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing that uses a very fine blade to manually insert pigment into the skin.  A great way to fill in or camouflage light colored, undefined, or sparse eyebrows, the result is a beautiful natural looking three dimensional effect that lasts up to three years.


Permanent and semi-permanent makeup procedures are done with a topical anesthetic to minimize client discomfort during application.

What is Microblading?

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Permanent makeup application should not be done on irritated skin. Feel free to schedule a free face to face consultation.


  • Do not pluck, wax, or remove hair for 3 days prior to a service.

  • Do not tint lashes or brows.  Your technician will need to see your natural hair growth and color.

  • Do not wear any makeup on the day of your appointment.


Please read and sign the Permanent Makeup Consent and Release prior to receiving each permanent makeup service.

Using state of the art Softap® pigments and techniques, achieve the perfect brows to compliment your natural beauty.



Eyebrow Microblading - $500


Color Corrections - *prices vary


Touch ups - *prices vary























*An in person consultation is necessary to price any color correction or touch up.


3D semi-permanent brows

For 48 hours after your service, avoid activities that may:

  • increase blood flow - such as alcohol consumption, vigorous exercise, saunas, hot tubs, or massage

  • expose your skin to airborne debris – like riding in or on open air vehicles, yard work and heavy cleaning tasks


For two weeks following your procedure, do not expose your healing skin to direct:

  • Smoking, sun bathing or tanning beds, salt water, chlorinated pools, hot water, shower spray, any skin care products other than the ones you have been advised to use by your technician.


Follow all additional post procedure instructions.

Before your appointment

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Microblading Before & After Photo Gallery